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Community Baby Shower

Celebrate your pregnancy with Safe Future Foundation Inc!



Join us for a FREE event which offers parents a wonderful, educational opportunity to gain knowledge about growth, development and baby’s health from community partners.



This event is a community-wide event to collect essential baby items that help at-risk mothers by providing them with basic supplies and support needed to give their babies a healthy start, which is critical to the baby’s continued health and development.

 The community baby shower is designed for low-income expectant parents. At the Baby Shower, the expecting parents may receive much-needed items for their new baby, including car safety seats, safe sleep cribs, diapers, and clothing. Informational presentations are also given to help expectant parents prepare for the baby’s arrival. The whole event is a special time for expecting parents to celebrate the approaching arrival of their new baby.

Also included is  everything expecting parent's need to know before their infant arrives, including free health screenings and diapers. Registration is required.




Baby Shower Gifts attendees, as well as prizes and raffles. Join us and many community organizations to learn about resources for free help with diapers, feeding, sleep, cribs, healthcare and more! Baby Showers will be posted on our events page.

"Your Future Looks So Bright"

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