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There are a few major goals associated with increasing educational attainment beyond high school as it pertains to career development.

It is during the Elementary through Middle School years that the first goal - sharing information and building awareness about higher education and career readiness opportunities - is essential and easiest done. For many students, the idea of college is not discussed in the home.

Providing younger students with an opportunity to build a foundation of awareness about post-secondary education is critical. Building enthusiasm for educational attainment and an individual’s lifelong responsibility for career readiness can never start soon enough. These activities promote opportunities for younger students to dream big about their futures as you share information and build awareness about higher education and career readiness.


ACTIVITY - 1 Building a College Vocabulary

1. Each classroom teacher needs to complete the following sign to put outside their classroom door:


ACTIVITY - 2 Match the mascot to the college (customize for your state)

2. One fun way to learn about schools is through their mascots:


ACTIVITY - 3 Dress for your future

Younger student activities

• Use Halloween as an opportunity to have younger students come to school dressed as the person/action figure/hero/shero/job they want to have when they grow up. Use this as a “show and tell” where each student has an opportunity to tell who/what their costume represents and why this inspires them.

The future is yours...

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