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Permanent tax-free diapers, and incontinence products

Tallahassee, FL – The Senate released a tax package that includes a permanent tax exemption for diapers and incontinence products – a policy priority Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book (D-Davie) has championed for years. In response to the included tax exemption, Leader Book shared the statement below:

“After years of fighting for Florida families, we made history in 2022 by eliminating sales tax on diapers for one year. This was an incredible start – but we knew we needed to do more to provide permanent relief for families of young children, and to ensure adult incontinence products are included.

I am proud of our bipartisan work on this year’s Senate tax package which now includes tax relief for baby diapers and incontinence products for Floridians of all ages – because essential health and hygiene items should not be taxed, and Florida families should not be forced to choose between filling up their gas tank, putting food on the table, or buying needed diapers.”

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